Simple Care Guide

Freshwater Aquarium

  • Start Up & Change Water
  • Adding Fish
  • Regular Care
  • Plant Care
  • Water Problem Solving
  • Fish Problem Solving

Learn to recognize when fish need care and how to treat them. Normal behavioral patterns of your fish will reveal a lot when it comes to healthy behavior versus unhealthy behavior. If your fish suddenly seem lethargic, lose their appetite, or begin hovering at the top of the tank when they ordinarily don’t, then they are likely ill and need to be treated with the proper fish remedy. Don’t assume that your fish will bounce back from disease on their own – treat them as soon as you notice symptoms.

Choose from the categories below to learn more about proactive treatment and care for your sick fish. Browse information and solutions for bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections to accurately diagnose and treat your fish and get them back on the road to wellness!

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