10/ 2/2014


API is honored to support the Jessica Rekos Foundation with the launch of an exclusive in-store product display. Jessica Rekos was 6 years old when she and 19 other classmates were tragically murdered in the Sandy Hook School shootings. The Jessica Rekos Foundation was established by her parents to preserve the memory of Jessica and her two loves: Whales and Horses.

The API display consists of essential treatments to help aquarium hobbyists maintain clean, clear water and healthy, active fish with flagship aquarium water treatments STRESS COAT, STRESS ZYME, and chemical filtration media BIO-CHEM ZORB. The display will be sold to the independent pet trade this summer, and shipped to stores in early Fall 2014.

API will be donating 100% of the profits from this display to the Jessica Rekos Foundation, which will earmark the funds raised for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation's internship program. This program will pay for students to gain experience in the WDC trade's living laboratory.

More information regarding the Jessica Rekos Foundation can be found at