API® Makes Pond Care Easier

Few experiences can compare to the pleasure and serenity that come from relaxing beside a beautiful garden pond.  Whether keeping a fish pond or a water garden, API will help guide you to keep your water clean and clear, and your fish and plants vibrant and healthy.

API makes it easy to maintain a beautiful, peaceful pond all year long. 

PondCare® is becoming API®

For over 50 years, API has been an aquatics industry leader.  Today we continue our commitment to doing what we can to help you enjoy your fish pond or water garden, with the transition of the PondCare brand to API.

The API POND Easy Care Guide is a new program that offers guidance to help you maintain clean, clear water, healthy, active fish and vibrant, lush aquatic plants.  The Easy Care Guide structures pond care activities into 5 simple steps.  Follow the guide to find what you need.