Dealers and Distributors

Welcome to the trade section of API FISHCARE.  Our goal is to provide a place where you can find everything you need within a click or two.  This section of our new site will evolve over time and we’ll work towards providing more and more information to make it easier for you to support API. 

Currently in this section you can request contact by a Sales Manager, ask us a question about our products or services and obtain images of API products.  We’re offering a place where you can register for an account and obtain more restricted information once we validate your account. 

This great section of our site will showcase where you can purchase products, read specifically about trade related news, what we’re doing to help better our products and make fishkeeping easier for our consumers.  We will work in the coming weeks to provide downloads to some of our great POS which you can then customize to suit your needs.  Want a template of a shelf talker branded API but blank for you to fill in?  Soon, this will be the place for that.  We’ll work to provide images, SDSs and technical reference sheets.   As soon as we launch a product you will be able to find a training tool here that you can share with your store associates or your sales teams.   We’re also working to provide a calendar of events that will give you a place to publicize your trade related events for stores in your area to see. 

We hope you enjoy our new website and find everything you’re looking for.  If not, feel free to contact us. 

Thanks for your support of API!

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