Q. What if the filter stops or doesn’t start after
a power interruption?
1. Unplug the filter.
2. Remove the strainer, extension tube, and
magnetic impeller assembly.
3. Examine all parts for debris that could
cause blockages.
4. Remove debris from the strainer,
extension tube, shaft and impeller. Rise
with a stream of tapwater.
5. Make sure the impeller and magnet spin
freely on the shaft.
6. If the magnet and impeller blades do not
turn freely, replace the impeller assembly.
7. Reassemble strainer, extension tube, and
magnetic impeller and place it back on
the filter.
8. Add water to the filter case and plug in
the filter.

Q. What if the filter is making a mechanical
1. Make sure the filter case is filled with
2. Reseat the impeller assembly by
removing the uplift tube and impeller and
reinserting it into the filter case. Be sure to
unplug the filter before reseating the

Q. What should I do if the priming process
doesn't occur?
1. It usually takes 30 seconds for the filter to
2. Make sure all parts are assembled
3. Verify that the filter case is filled with
4. Make sure the filter is plugged into a
power outlet.

Q. Some water drips back to the aquarium
at intake tube.
1. Make sure the cartridge is not clogged.
Replace if dirty.
2. Verify the filter is clean and no debris is
blocking water flow in any part of the
3. This is normally due to a clogged filter
cartridge. This safety feature allows water
to flow back into the aquarium even if
you forget to change the cartridge.

Q. What happens if I forget the replace the
1. The cartridge will get clogged which will
cause water to flow into the aquarium at
the uplift tube.
2. Filtration will not be as effective resulting
in poor water quality.
3. Water may turn cloudy.

Q. Flow-rate seems unusually low.
1. Make sure the flow-rate adjuster knob is
correctly positioned. A 180° turn may be
2. Replace cartridge if clogged.